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Rigoberto Gonzalez – Crotalus

Welcome to TRACT – the online magazine of The Representational Art Conference. Here you will find exciting writing about contemporary representational art, including in-depth articles about your favorite sculptures and paintings, interviews with extraordinary artists, dynamic reviews of books you want to read, and news about the conference.
It goes without saying that 21st-century representational art is different from the art that has come before us. Our dynamic culture has different priorities and expectations of what great art might be. Some representational artists seek to compete within the spectacular society, producing dramatically scaled work incorporating impressive lighting effects and theatrical spaces, while others prefer to focus on small delicate works that are equally highly regarded, admired for the skill of the hand of the artist in them.
TRACT magazine explores these broad boundaries, with respect for all forms of representational art, with an especial regard for excellence in technical ability and for powerful imaginative responses to the world we live in.

If you love representational art and enjoy being challenged and delighted by it, this is the magazine for you!

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